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Individual Graduation Plans (IGPs)

In South Carolina, all 8th grade students work with parents or parental designees and school guidance personnel to create an electronic Indivdiual Graduation Plan (IGP). 

An Individual Graduation Plan outlines the courses necessary for the student to successfully prepare for graduation and transition into a profession or post-secondary educational experience. In addition to general graduation requirements and coursework, IGPs include out-of-classroom learning opportunities related to a student's chosen cluster of study. Students will update their IGPs annually, giving them the flexibility to change their cluster of study should their interest change.

Using the Pearson PowerSchool system, guidance personnel work with students and their parents to create eIGPs, make real-time program decisions, guide student career exploration and planning, review aggregate data and more.

Subject                                                                                 Units Required
English/Language Arts                                                            4 units
Mathematics                                                                            4 units
Science                                                                                  3 units
U.S. History and Constitution                                                     1 unit
Economics                                                                               .5 unit
U.S. Government                                                                       .5 unit
Other Social Studies                                                                  1 unit
Physical Education or ROTC                                                          1 unit
Computer Science                                1 unit
World Language
Career and Technical Education
1 unit
Electives                                         7 units
CORE UNITS                                  17 units
ELECTIVES                                    7 units
TOTAL UNITS (minimum)                                 24 units
  •  One of the three science units must be Biology 1.
  •  Students who earn two units in science and “six or more units” in a specific occupation service area will meet the diploma science requirements. Currently, CATE programs in our district that qualify is Business and Marketing.
  • A student must complete four units of elective credits in a specified program to complete a major. Units required in the core courses for graduation cannot be used to achieve the major.
  •  A student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) takes precedence over the Individual Graduation Plan (IGP).