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Royal Reading

What a year we will have in reading- books can take our children on journeys into the deepest places of their imaginations. I can not wait to get them started on that journey this year. Growing as  readers is our ultimate goal. This year, the students will be helped to find the level of books that are" just right" for them. They will learn how to decide that for themselves as they are guided in the right direction using our new DRA2 testing. Students will be reading for enjoyment, for fluency, and for research into the areas they have never known to explore before.
Please encourage your child to read books they are highly interested in each and every day for at least 30 minutes. Read with them, to them, and allow time for them to read to you. Remind them to keep adding to their book list in the back of their  interactive reading notebooks.
They may also take AR tests on their Chromebooks each day. No more waiting in lines to take an AR test.
Students know they will be allowed to spend the night at a READ-IN in the library if the have 50 points with an 85 average. This isn't difficult at all if they begin with the end in mind and keep working toward their goal.
Let's read up a storm this year!
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