Hannah-Pamplico Elementary/Middle School

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Highway 51 Construction Restricts Access to FSD2 Schools

While the bridge just north of Hannah-Pamplico High School is closed for construction, all traffic access to the school facilities will be made from Highway 51 South through Bazen Crossroads. 
Traveling south from Pamplico, traffic will need to follow Big Swamp Road to the intersection of E. Bazen Road (five way stop) and turn east (left) on to E. Bazen.  Continue east on E. Bazen Road to the intersection of Highway 51 (Bazen Crossroads), and turn north (left) passing through the road closed/detour signs.  Just prior to the HPEM entrance there is another set of road closed signs that can be passed through to gain access to the school facilties.
Please see the attached map segment for details.