Hannah-Pamplico Elementary/Middle School

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Montessori Education Week

If you visited our Montessori classrooms, there are several things that you may notice as unique to our program:

  • We have multi-aged classrooms. Older friends often help younger friends with work and by setting good examples. Positive leaderships skills are developed with these opportunities to be good role models.
  • We refer to our materials and lessons as our work.
  • Lessons are given in whole group, small groups, and individually.  During our work cycle, most lessons are done as a one person work. This means if there are 24 students, there may be 24 different works being completed at a time.  Because of this, Montessori classrooms are very structured and organized. We refer to this as “the prepared environment.”
  • Our friends work on either tables or work rugs on the floor.  We respect each other’s work and work space.

Peace Education:  Montessori Education Week Program


Peace Education is part of the Montessori Curriculum.  Maria Montessori said, “The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.”  Grace and Courtesy lessons are intentionally planned for and taught to our students.  These lessons and developed skills help to create a peaceful climate and culture within our classrooms. Our ground rules are simple: We care for ourselves, we care others, and we care for or environment. During this assembly of Montessori students and educators, peaceful behaviors were exhibited through singing, music, kind words, and respectful behaviors.